Pick great candidates:

Online staff selection

— intelligent,
— with the right character,
— with inclination to the job.

Certification trainings in English are still in development

Research is the foundation of the product. It provides quality and helps improve online assessment tools.

We publish our research in the public domain so that you are sure that you have made the right choice.
We have a wide selection of online assessment tools for different tasks:

  • capacity assessment;
  • motivation assessment;
  • mass and spot selection of specialists;
  • development, training and team building;
  • increasing the effectiveness of management teams;
  • ensuring industrial safety;
  • reliability assessment;
  • career counseling and others.
How it works?
The system is simple, convenient, and evolving constantly.
HR manager assigns a test
Applicant takes tests and questionnaires in the browser
HR manager receives rating and thorough reports
Save time

How it will help to your business?

Our questionnaires can be tuned for the assessment of any profession, competency, or value.
Don't have your own set? We have a ready-made solution with twenty competencies.
Pick up a reliable team
We will highlight the risks, compliance with the specifics of the work, and assess the individual's potential.
For existing employees, we'll propose adjustments to the incentive system.
Employees are happy — competitors find it harder to poach staff.
Zero abstract IQ tests
Our questions reflect actual work cases.
Secretaries book tickets for delayed flights, managers look at quarterly reports and adopt decisions based on market reviews.
We have tests for sellers, specialists and factory workers.
For unique professions, we'll develop tailor-made solutions on demand.

Our advantages

We support any device
All that's required is the web browser. Works great with slow and unstable connections.

Have assessments in developing countries or via satellite connection? We can cut the size in half.

How solid exactly? We support 15-year old browsers.
We handle data with utmost care
All processing is in secure automatic mode.

Our privacy policy does not need the translation "from Lawyer to English"
Based on research
All tests are thoroughly tested.

We regularly conduct large-scale research: we improve tools, increase user convenience, and facilitate decision-making.

ONTARGET in numbers

3 000+
1 000 000+
Users are certified and use the system
Tests passed by employees and applicants of our customers
Client companies, international projects: volunteers of the Olympiad, world championships
work since 2004

Our clients

Client's reviews


The system is flexible with a large number of options, the price of a service depends on the number and type of assessment tools, a set of reports and the total amount of testing. We have solutions for every budget.

The consultants will help you choose the solution for your project: they will provide a complete catalog of tests, determine the necessary set, calculate the estimate. In the case of unique industries, we will develop custom tests.

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